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Our history

Hotel Post
Hotel Schwefelbad
Hotel Schwefelbad 1
ca. 1849
Hotel Schwefelbad

Hotel Post Sargans


The Hotel Post Sargans is now a 3-star superior hotel in the middle of Sargans (Canton of Sankt Gallen). At the beginning of the 19th century it was known as the Gasthaus zum Rössli. From around 1843 it was renamed Gasthaus zum Schwefelbad. Due to its central location, the hotel has always been an important pillar of the community and a contact point for local and historical associations, such as the Sargans boys' society.





Unfortunately, it is not known exactly when this building was built. All we know is that before the 19th century the house was called Gast - und Badhaus zum Rössli and that the owner at that time was Fridolin Peter.

The restaurant / hotel has been a place for clubs and the local population since it was first recorded. A place of encounter and village life. Nowadays it is also used for seminars.




Fridolin Peter renovated the bathroom management around this time. According to Dr. Ebel one of the most excellent sulfur springs in Switzerland. However, this had already been used against diseases 100 years ago, and with great success.




Some repairs took place in 1843, when the name had already been changed to Gasthaus zum Schwefelbad. A. Zindel-Kressig, the owner of the sulfur spring at the Anrig department store, became the owner of the inn in that year and wanted to name the building based on the sulfur spring. The sulfur spring was right in front of the building.

In 1888 the first extension of the inn took place. In addition, a bowling alley was added in 1897, and shortly afterwards a "Tonhalle" with a large theater hall. The theater hall was for young and old and was very often used for village life.

At that time, the owners decided to rename the hotel again to “Hotel Post”, as it is still called today. The reason for this was that the post office was built into the middle wing on the ground floor. At that time apartments were built on the upper floor.




On each carnival day, a brisk play was performed by the Sargans theater company in the Schwefelbad Hall. Afterwards there was always dance with musical entertainment.

During the Second World War, General Guisan stayed at the Hotel Post regularly. During this time he was responsible for the Swiss Reduit, which is why he often had to visit Sargans.




The Kunz family takes over the Hotel Post. Renovations and painting work were due again. The painting work was done by the well-known company Josef Hutter. The guest rooms were also renovated in stages.




Several redesigns of the premises were carried out under the direction of Ernst Grob. The upper floors had to be supported by steel supports. At this point in time, the toilet facilities were relocated to the rear building. Since the interruption could not last too long, the unofficial reopening of the restaurant was on December 23, 1979. The restaurant was closed from November 5 to December 23. The official opening was on February 1, 1980. The restaurant also contained a “music room” for the younger guests.

The whole thing came about in a record time of seven weeks.

The converted ground floor was divided into three rooms. Everyone should feel comfortable in the wood-free village pub. The biggest challenge at that time was the stylish renovation of the facade with the integration for the entire building complex. A major goal of the renovation was to keep old elements in order to keep the cozy atmosphere. The charm of the building was preserved. The renovation was also carried out in the kitchen. The kitchen has been completely modernized.




The next "big" renovation: the hotel room is being built. The "hall" which is still in operation today was built in just four weeks. The architects Hobi and Schwarzmann were hired for this project. The hall was planned for up to 200 people. There was also a hall for up to 50 people. The two halls could be served by the same satellite kitchen without any problems. The large hall received a mobile partition, which is still often used today. The ceiling was newly drawn in along the entire length of the hall and a multi-purpose storage room was created above. The walls were insulated and a stage was included. For statistical reasons, the foundation had to be pulled into the basement.




The hotel was handed over to the next generation. Edith + Peter Kunz continued to run the hotel.




The new building in the rear area was built in 1999. 40 new modern rooms were created.




The seminar room was built in 2015. Great importance was attached to a modern infrastructure. The whole thing should be designed as timeless as possible.




The Hotel Post was handed over to the 3rd generation at a grand ceremony. From now on, Rico Kunz and Patricia Baer will run the hotel.

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